[August 2018] Oracle Database 11g 1Z0-052 Real Questions

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Oracle Database 11g: Administrator I 1Z0-052 Real Questions(Q10-Q18)

Oracle Database 11g: Administrator I 1Z0-052 Real Questions:

10.Which two are true about the Fast Recovery Area (FRA)?
A. It must reside on the same file system as the database data files.
B. Space management in the FRA is influenced by the database backup retention policy.
C. A database must be in ARCHIVELOG mode to use the FRA.
D. It should be larger than the database.
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Oracle Database 1Z0-052 Real Questions

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Which two statements are true regarding a tablespace? (Choose two.)
A. It can span multiple databases
B. It can consist of multiple data files
C. It can contain blocks of different files
D. It can contains segments of different sizes
E. It can contains a part of nonpartitioned segment
Answer: BD

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What is Oracle RAC ?

Oracle RAC is a shared database environment where multiple server nodes share DBMS instances, with shared concurrent access to disk. In November 2003, Gartner analyzed usage and implementation of early adopters of Oracle Database 9i (9i) RAC. At that time, RAC was reliable and provided increased scalability and availability; however, it was complex and required highly experienced database administrators (DBAs) to generate value; the complexity