2018 New 1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g Questions

Oracle certification 1Z0-052 exam has been updated on May 15, here would like to share some demo questions of New 1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g Questions:

2018 New 1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g Questions

You want to audit update statements that refer to USER1. DEPT. DNAME.
Which type of auditing must you use?
A. fine-grained auditing
B. value-based auditing
C. standard auditing
D. mandatory auditing
Answer: A

Which three are true about dynamic performance views?
A. They display selected data from data dictionary base tables.
B. They can be queried only by SYS even when the database is open.
C. They display information that is not available in data dictionary views.
D. Read consistency is not guaranteed for these views.
E. Some of them display data that is useful for SQL statement tuning.
Answer: BDE

Which command is used to display files that no longer conform to the backup retention policy?
Answer: B

Your database is configured in archivelog mode.
The USERS01 tablespace is currently online.
You are required to take the tablespace offline.
Which clause or clauses ensure that no media recovery is required when the tablespace is brought back online?
A. only the TEMPORARY clause
B. either the NORMAL or the IMMEDIATE clause
C. either the NORMAL or the TEMPORARY clause
D. only the IMMEDIATE clause
E. only the NORMAL clause
Answer: B

Table EMP resides in the USERS tablespace.
Examine this command:
Which two methods would you use to recover EMP?
A. Flashback Drop
B. re-creating the table and reinserting the rows
C. performing a tablespace point in time recovery of USERS
D. Flashback Transaction Backout
E. Flashback Table
Answer: AC

Which is true about enabling AUTOEXTEND for data files?
A. It can be enabled for data files only in smallfile tablespaces.
B. It can be enabled for an existing data file in a tablespace by using the ALTER TABLESPACE command.
C. It can be enabled only for data files in non-OMF tablespaces.
D. It can be enabled for data files only in bigfile tablespaces.
E. It can be enabled for a new data file that is added to a tablespace only if the existing data files in that tablespace have autoextend enabled.
Answer: C

Which two can be exported by a non-administrative account by using Data Pump?
A. tables
B. database
C. directory objects
D. tablespaces
E. schemas
Answer: AE

Which two statements are true about tablespaces?
A. A database instance hangs if the SYSAUX tablespace becomes unavailable.
B. A database can contain only a single temporary tablespace.
C. A database can contain multiple undo tablespaces.
D. A database instance stores undo data in the SYSTEM tablespace if no undo tablespace exists.
E. A database with a locally managed SYSTEM tablespace can have dictionary-managed user tablespaces.
Answer: CD